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All athletes competing WHEA sanctioned events (including POSA and BNSF competitions) must have a valid license with approved anti-doping and competition contract for the competition year. Once the athlete joins in to the system for the first time - it must be done in minimum of three (3) months before the athletes first competition in the system.

After joining in, the the contract and license continues on going with yearly renewal fee. The renewal season starts during the last quarter of a year (to allow new athletes join in for Jan-Feb events) and the license must be renewed latest on 31st, January each year.

The license system is used for members informational posting and anti-doping monitoring. It is the athletes liability to keep the contact information valid and misinformation leads to sequels.

Not renewing the license is not ending the anti-doping contract automatically. It can be terminated by the athletes or by the association with one (1) month termination time. If the anti-doping contract is terminated, new contract between the parties can not be done in four (4) years. WHEA terminates the licenses / contracts, which are not renewed yearly with separate note during each spring.

If an athlete is not competing, but want to keep the anti-doping contract valid, she/he can take a hobby license, which is approx a half cheaper, than a normal license, but with the hobby license the athlete can not compete in the sanctioned events. The hobby license can be updated to a competitor license anytime, but that way the license is a little more expensive, than a direct competitor license.

Below you can find a useful photo survey how to purchase the license in system.

NOTE! If you have problems or questions - send them to info(@) (not Suomisport service).

You can also download an Suomisport app for IOS or Android.

If you use the web browser - see the two photos below: 

1. Log in from the blue banner.

2. Choose your language from the upper corner.

3. Log in with your mobile number (or email, mobile suggested). The code in single use, so everytime you log in you get a new code (the app stays logged in all the time).

These a few photos below are logging in with the app - the purchase process is similar both ways.

1. Enter your phone number in international format with + in front of the numbers.

2. Click the blue banner (Luo tili = create an account).

1. Here you can choose your language if you logged in with the app.

2. Fill in your info and on Personal Idendity code line you can press "I do not have a Finnish personal ID code" and the next view opens (if you can not see the text, put some numbers to ID code box and it appers).

Once you have filled in all the personal info and click next the system sends you an email verification email with a code. Once you put the code to the next box, you get forward.

NOW YOU ARE READY TO BUY A LICENSE! (in case of renewal, just log in and continue from here):

1. Click to purchase if and you are buying an adult license.

2. If you are purchasing a license for a junior - first "add child" and fill in her/his info and after saving them click "to purchase" and the system offers you also choices for a junior.

3. Choose a license / a license with an insurance.

4. Choose to who it comes?

5.Choose your sport:

POSA athletes - choose Pole and arts

Other athletes - choose World Heavy Events

6. Choose the right license (scroll down for more choices):

WHEA athletes license (POSA athletes, WHEA athletes from other countries than GB or Finland).

WHEA/BNSF for BNSF athletes

Junior, hobby etc license - scroll down the list.

7. Click no insurance (it is only available in Finland currently).

8. Check, that you have selected right for your need.

9. Choose your payment method.

10. Here is the small, but important print - in the text is the link to the anti-doping/competitor contract, which you approve by purchasing the license. You can not proceed to the payment without having the x in these boxes, so please read the contract behind the link, where you commit.

10. Proceed to the payment normally and after that is done you are ready.

11. If you need a proof of your license - download the app and you can see your valid license there.

Have a good and safe training and competition year of 2020!





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