WHEA history

From a small though to a pioneer in many sports


The founder of WHEA starts the negotiations with FINCIS (Finnish anti-doping agency) about adding strongman/woman competitions under WADA-level doping monitoring in Finland via WHEA. At the first steps of the action, the plan was make the action internationl and that´s why the name World Heavy Events Association was selected. In the same time the suplementary firm names of Finnish Heavy Events Association was made to promote action inside of Finland. The founding members were (along with the Chairman Rantanen) Pasi Mielikäinen and Petri Laine and WHEA was officially founded 11th, November 2014.


The competition action was started along with contract about anti-doping surveillance on 1st, Jan. 2015. During the first year there was Finnish nationals and first World Championships organized with also athletes outside of Finland.

WHEA listed as a sports federation in Finnish NADO.

The first Grip World Championship were held at Spa Hotel Aulanko, in Hämeenlinna, Finland.


The amount of members and sports was growing and pole sport was added to action along with registering the supplementary firm name of Finnish Pole Fitness Federation for pole sport marketing. Since the start pole sport has acted as its own department in WHEA and after several years brake the Finnish spectators saw Pole Sport Finnish Championships. Since this start the following persons have been influenced the growth of pole sport in WHEA along with many others: Nanna Halonen, Henriikka Rinne, Asta Pussinen, Heidi Tiusanen, Paula Vuorinen, Oona Kivelä.

WHEA started co-operation with POSA (former IPSAF) and the first official judge training was organized.

WHEA started co-operation with British Natural Strongman Federation.


The first qualifiers to the World Championships were held outside of Finland (Great Britain and Sweden).

Finnish judges and athletes traveled to Pole Sport European and World Championships in Hungary and Liechtenstein.

In strongest events, the masters 40+ classes were introduced.

Co-operation with X-Pole started.

WHEA competitions was seen in pay-tv inside of Finland for the first time.

WHEA was approved as a partner member of Finnish Olympic Committee.


Co-operation with Tug of war international federation.

The first Pure Pull™ deadlifting competitions were held.

WHEA produced Pure Power tv-show to Finnish national tv YLE2-channel.

Co-operation started with Drug Free sport and first competition under WHEA surveillance in North America.


WHEA became a full member of Finnish Olympic committee since 22nd, May 2019.

The first Tug of War nationals were held in Finland.

Anti-doping/license co-operation with POSA started and the actions were out at CSIT World Games.

Co-operation started with IDTM.

WHEA organized Pole Sport World Championships in Finland with approx 150 athletes from over 20 countires.


WHEA taking part for the first time to the “Nationals week” in Finland, with Grip nationals. Big tv-coverage for the sport.

WHEA approved to the federations, which get support from the ministy of education and culture of Finland.

Covid closing borders and international events cancelled, but most of the national actions done with special ways (limited audience, lifting groups, extra health safety).

Hellenice Powerlifting Club joins WHEA.


4 year contract with the city of Kuopio in Finland about WHEA World Strongman/woman Championships

For the first time international WHEA events outside of Finland, World Grip Championships in Norway and Strongman/Woman European Championships in Wales.

Ireland in as national organizer.

Co-operation started with several NADO´s in different countries.


WHEA events included to the sport yearbook in Finland.

NL Strongman / Canada joined to WHEA.

3 events in at “Nationals week” in Finland (Strongman/woman, Grip, Pole Sport) – Strongman/woman nationals was the weeks #2 most watched program in national tv channel YLE2 from the Nationals week with nearly 30 events participating.

The first WHEA World Strongest Team competition was held in Wales with GB, Finland and Ireland teams and total of nearly 30 athletes.

World Grip Championships in Wales, Strongman/Woman Europeans in Ireland.


WHEA invited for the first time to the “Sports Gala” in Finland.

WHEA introduces online competitions in European level.

WHEA webshop opened.

WHEA taking part to the nationals week in Finland with 3 events.

Pure Pull™ deadlifting and log lift world championships introduced.

Webpage renovation and introduction of WHEA top100 lists.

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