Other rules

Complaining about the results

If the competitor suspects a mistake in the judging of his/her performance, such as the wrongly counted reps, time or points in the results list – the athlete or his/her  coach (with WHEA license) should report it after all the competitor’s performances in the event is case to the organizer / main judge.

Complaints must be peaceful, polite and clearly justified.

If the competitor has a video proof –  it must be presented and the start command must be heard in an adjustable manner and the entire sport performance and the finish must be clearly visible on the video.

In a manual timing competition – a difference less than one (1) in the video and the competition’s recorded result will not be noted.

If it turns out that, for example, the accepted repetitions have been calculated wronglyor an error occurred in timing or records – the error is corrected by the head judge’s decision.

The acceptance/rejection of the lift/perormance is always in accordance with the line defined by the judge for the series and the rule of the association, and the competitor has no right to complain about it.

if an error is revealed in the results only after the competition, then it is corrected, reported and the competition organizer is obliged to act at his expense and award the prizes to the competitors in accordance with the corrected order.

Addition to the competition organizer’s instructions:

Judging/timekeeping/result recording in competitions:

The association recommends the following instructions to be followed in all the association’s competitions, and if the available equipment or the number of assistants does not make it possible – you must act as far as possible according to the instructions.

If it is not possible to use an electronic timing system, for example due to cost reasons, it is recommended that there are at least two timekeepers for each performance in the time events.

The result can be the average of these two times or a more favorable time for the competitor, if there has been no human error in clocking it – for example, being too late to start the clock from the start command.

The same result recording (better time or average) must be used for all competitors throughout the competition.

In repetition events with a time limit, it is recommended to use a separate official to take care of the total time and the start/stop command and another official who counts the repetitions while the judge focuses on accepting/rejecting the repetitions.

Two administrators are recommended for recording the results, one of whom also records the result on paper and the other in the electronic results system. This makes it possible to correct possible spelling mistakes later.

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