Prohibited substances & methods

The athlete is always responsible to check, that the medicines / nutrition the athlete uses is not under prohibition.

Prescription by a doctor is not a permission to use prohibited substances in our sports (link below).

You can check the allowance of your medicines from the WADA list:

Prohibited substances & methods

If you can not find the asnwer, please check at your national antidoping agency and if you have the need for TUE apply, please see first the WADA TUE pages and checklist & guidelines for your TUE needs: . After that, you may apply a TUE from WHEA (international athletes) or via NADO (WHEA recognizes NADO Tues). In case of TUE application, please see our TUE page.

Contact person in WHEA anti-doping is the Chairman Jyrki Rantanen,

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