By purchasing WHEA license you join the membership of the association and commit to the rules of the association along with anti-doping- and competition contract, which you find in the dicipline rules page. The yearly prices of the licenses can be found to the bottom part of this page.

Our licences are purchased from the system and later on this page you will find info about the different license types. The commitment to the anti-doping- and competition contract is done in the system – in the last part before paying the license by clicking (x) to the box (the link opens to the contract page) and by purchasing the license you approve the rules and the contract.

For the first time the license must be purchased in minimum of 90 days (3 months) prior your first competition under the license (meaning your first competition in your national federation). After this, the license is renewated each year in January. We don´t have the opportunity to flew from the 3 month rule, so please make sure you have the license on time. The rule is for juniors in pole sport also.

If you are a member of some other federation, which is committed to the WADA – rules (for example IPF or its national federation) we read their membership time for your benefit and there is no 3 months rule, so you can compete straight after purchasing your WHEA license. Please note, that in this case your license federation need to send us the proof of the license via email to

When purchasing the license you need to pick up a team/fed to get forward – Please choose your national or sport federation based on your sport or country (for example POSA for pole sport, BNSF for British strength athletes etc. If you don´t want to choose any of those, you can choose WHEA in this part.

If an athlete do not renew the license yearly for competition, hobby or other license, which keep the anti-doping contract active it is noted as a termination of the antidoping/competition contract and WHEA can not do a new contract with the same athlete for four (4) years.

The license must be renewed yearly before 31st, January, so the antidoping/competition contract stays valid. The association sends once reminder via email (membersletter) after the deadline and after that the un-renewed licenses are terminated during the following 30 days time.

The athletes of the association needs to participate the “Clean win” or WADA´s Adel e-learning programs to be able to compete in events under WHEA license events. Please follow the links below for the education:

Once complited neither of the educations, you get a certificate which you can promote on your social media and perform at the competition when requested.


A – Competitor license:

Please note, that you select the right license for you – for example POSA license for pole sport and named country (BNSF for example) or international athete license.

  1. During the license validity time you can take part to all WHEA/named federation events based on the sport rules, age sex or qualification.
  2. In local, regional, national or international events, the local organizer has the right to charge entry fee to the competition and it is adviced in the competition info.
  3. By purchasing the WHEA license you commit to the anti-doping-, dicipline and other rules of WHEA, which can be found from these www-pages.
  4. NOTE! The anti-doping contract is approved before the license is paid by (x to the box) once purchasing the license. Your find a link to the contract from the text and by purchasing the license you commit to the contract.
  5. For juniors, there is own licenses, but the parent needs to buy it by creating own account in and then “add child”

B – Coach / anti-dopingcontract renewal:

If you are taking a break from competing, but want to keep the contract valid (able to comeback to competitions without quarantine) – This license keeps the antidoping contract valid and commits the license holder to the rules. The license can be updated to competition version with payment.

NOTE! The license must be renewed yearly latest on 31st, Jan., so the anti-doping contract stays valid.

With this license you can not compete in WHEA events, but you are able to act as coach at the competitions (backstage, warm-up area etc).


2023 licenses are now open in and to keep the membership/right to compete the license must be renewed until 31st, Jan. 2023

(For new members the license must be valid at least 3 months prior their first national competition and after that the license is renewed each year until 31st, Jan.

Please note, that when purchasing the license, before the paying you approve WHEA anti-doping & competitor contract (open with the link in the text at the system, where you approve terms by x to a box).

Unpaid license causes termination of the membership / right to compete, but do not terminate the anti-doping contract straight away..

The anti-doping contract is valid on going from the first approval until it is separately terminated in written (email) by the athlete or by the association due unpaid license or other reason. The termination is valid 30 days after the termination mail.

In the license system, you can choose WHEA as your club if you can not find your national accociation from the list.

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